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June 26, 2015

I hope your summer break has been fun filled and restful for your family! These past weeks have been very busy for those of us who have been holding the fort down! Here are some of the things we have been busy with.

The school board has made some changes to the dress code and tardy policies for the 2015-2016 school year. What follows is a summary of the changes to our uniform dress code:

  • Only plain white socks may be worn.
  • Shoes must be white, black, or a combination of those colors.  Leather shoes must be white, brown, or black.
  • Tights must be solid white, navy, or black; no footless tights.
  • Only red OLV sweatshirts purchased from Dennis Uniform or the OLV online store may be worn.
  • Students may wear any type of jacket to school.

An updated copy of the parent-student handbook will be sent home with your student sometime during the first week of school.  If you have any questions or concerns about these changes you may contact me in August for an appointment.

Summer homework and school supply lists for next school year are on the school website.  You can find them here: www.fresnoolv.org/student-registration/

The office will be closed June 29th through July 3rd.  Both Ms. Hirata and Mrs. McCraw will be in the office during July. They will keep the office open for limited hours, so please call first before coming to the school.

The annual used uniform sale will take place on August 11th through the 13th.  If you would like to get a head start on your parent hours, I need three or four people to help out with the sale.  The uniforms are all cleaned and ready to go. Helpers are needed to organize the clothes and supervise the shopping.  Please call the office if you can help us out!

I am proud to announce next year’s staff for the 2015-2016 school year:

Principal- Mrs. Deborah Nettell

Kindergarten- Mrs. Justina Marquez

First Grade- Mrs. Sandra Ramirez

Second Grade- Ms. Elisa Perez

Third Grade- Mrs. Allison Sutton

Fourth Grade- Miss Cathy Cash

Fifth Grade- Mr. Jesse Gonzales

Sixth Grade- Miss Debra Cabral

Seventh Grade- Mr. Michael Wukits

Eighth Grade- Mrs. Lynn Mason

Preschool Director- Ms. Amy Hirata

Preschool Teachers- Mr. Paul Bartell, Mrs. Elaine Xiong, Mrs. Tresea Nyiri, and Ms. Stephanie Wagerer

Office- Mrs. Clemencia Cardinale, Mrs. Dora Uribe

Book Keeper- Mrs. Sara McCraw

Classroom Aides- Mrs. Susan Luna, Mrs. CeCe Naito

Extension Care Aides- Mrs. Alison Trukki, Miss Yesenia Manriquez

Janitorial Staff- Mr. Rocky Vang, Mr. Chu Lu Vang

Music Staff- Mr. Thomas Nettell (volunteer)

Athletic Director – Mrs. Alison Trukki (volunteer)

Scrip Office- Mr. Hector Camacho (volunteer), Mrs. Betty Kempen (volunteer), and Mrs. Patricia Benavides (volunteer).

I am still looking for a part-time music instructor who would direct the beginning band and choir.

Many thanks to everyone who made the 8th grade graduations and reception a success!  Special thanks to Mr. Diaz for printing our programs, Mrs. Benavides and Mrs. Trukki for organizing the reception and Mr. Gouker for providing the sound and music.

Please click here for attached calendar and information when school resumes and other important dates.    There will be a laptop meeting for 7th and 8th grade parents on August 20th at 5:30pm and a new family orientation at 6pm on August 20th.  The first day of school is Monday, August 24th!

During the remaining summer days please pray for:

Charlie DeGrange and the DeGrange Family;

The Beaston family’s grandmother- for comfort during her illness;

Mrs. Ramirez’s daughter Victoria –as he recovers from surgery;

Haley Quiroz- as she recovers from surgery.


Have a blessed summer! Go in peace and run in the grass!


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Deborah J.V. Nettell

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