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November 12, 2014

I hope everyone had a wonderful Veterans Day Holiday!  My son Oliver served four years in the Army 101st Infantry.  As a citizen, I am grateful for the service that my son and others so willing give to protect our freedom. As a parent of a military man, I know how hard and dangerous that service was and the courage it took daily to complete that service. Please keep our veterans and current military personnel in your daily prayers!

The holiday season is just around the corner. Get a head start on shopping and planning by taking advantage of the school’s scrip program.  We have Toys R Us, Walmart, Target and Regal Movie Tickets on hand! We also have a variety of restaurant, grocery and gas cards ready to pick up. All of these make great stocking stuffers.

If you did not attend the auction, there are still a few items available for purchase.  You can purchase wine, knitted scarves, and assorted baseball hats and shirts. There are also gift certificates from Aerosports, Math Crazy, Sun Belt equipment rental, and California Hair and Nail.  There is one Family Fun Pack which includes, Aerosports, Metal Mark, Boomers, AMF Movies, Archery, Zoo and Gateway passes.  All of the items would make great Christmas gifts!

Have a blessed week, go in peace and don’t run in the halls.


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Deborah J.V. Nettell


Faith Corner

Saint Martin of Tours (c.316 – 397) St. Martin was first a soldier before he became a priest.  In his actions he gave an example of what a good shepherd should be. He founded monasteries, educated the clergy and preached the Gospel to the poor.   It is said that while St. Martin was a soldier, he gave half of his military cloak to a beggar and later had a dream in which the beggar revealed himself as Christ.

Pray For– Charlie DeGrange and his family; Aidan Torres during his surgery for his arm, Monica Blanco-Etheridge as she recovers from cancer; Mrs. Martin as she undergoes sinus surgery; Adam Lee’s grandmother; All military veterans.

Thank You- Alison Trukki, Tara Crabtree, Terry Hernandez, Mark Trukki, Robert Rodriquez and Terry Robinson for a wonderful season of volleyball and football!  To Father Dan, Deacon Kurt, Sister Kathleen, Seminarian Andy Ruperto,  Mr. and Mrs. Cardinale and for their part in the vocations assembly! To Betty Kempen and Keisha Bey for joining Mr. Camacho’s scrip team!

Prayer of the Day- O Jesus, in the most holy Sacrament, have mercy on us.


Mark Your Calendars!

Report cards go home – November 14, 2014

Grandparent Club Meeting – November 15th – 9am-12-pm in APR

Food Drive- November 3rd thru November 14th This event is sponsored by the student council.

Academic Awards- November 18th at 8:30am

Grandparent Club Recyclables Pickup– November 19th

Crab Feed Meeting- November 21st, at 6:00pm in the school’s APR.

Thanksgiving Break- November 24th-November 28th

Noon Dismissal- December 1st

Saint Nick’s Day- December 5th

SJM Placement Test- December 15 at 8:30 am.  All 8th graders will take the test and there is no charge.

Don’t forget our school’s online store; students may wear any tee shirt or polo from the online store on Wednesdays. A CHRISTMAS SALE IS GOING ON and 20% of all the sales go directly to the school. The link to the store is: http://b1selfshops.com/dfcsp_our_lady_of_victory_school/.

Click here for this week’s family envelope