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December 10, 2013

This weekend, my husband and I traveled to Santa Cruz to spend time with family.  The big event for the weekend was the Santa Cruz Annual Boat Parade.  We were lucky enough to reserve seating in a local restaurant that looked over the water route for the parade.  So, while feasting on seafood, we watched boats decorated with colored and blinking lights parade by. It was uplifting to see each boat displayed with a different Christmas theme!

As I watched the parade of lights I was struck by the thought that God calls us to be a light for the world.  Could I be a better light to the world if I could be colorful or a blinking light?  What can I do for others during this Advent season that can bring the same joy and peace that the parade gave to me?

Sister Jean Williams, Assistant Superintendent for the Fresno Diocese will visit the school, Tuesday, December 10th. Our staff and students will have the opportunity to let their lights shine as Sister observes us.  After school Sister Jean will share her observations and give us her valuable input on how we can improve!

Just like the boat owners who displayed their own versions of the Christmas theme in lights, we each have our own ideas on how to be the light for Christ.  As long as we are serving others it really doesn’t matter if our light is blinking or colored as long as it is bright!  Go in peace and don’t run in the halls.


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Debhorah J.V. Nettell


Faith Corner

Saint Juan Diego (1474-1548) In 1531 the Mother of God appeared to St. Juan Diego, on the hill called Tapioca near Mexico City, and told him to ask the bishop to have a church built on the spot.  Through the purity of his faith, his humility and his fervor, a church was built, in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe (whose feast is celebrated on 12 December).  He left everything and devoted himself to the care of the sanctuary and the reception of pilgrims until his death in 1548.

Readings for the Second week of Advent Monday- Isaiah 23:1-18; Tuesday-Isaiah 24:19-25:5; Wednesday-Isaiah 25:6-26:5; Thursday-Isaiah 26:6-21; Friday- Isaiah 27:1-13; Saturday- Isaiah 29:1-8

Advent Activities for the Family- Make an Advent Tree of Kindness.  Directions are included in this mailing.

Pray For Michael Carvalho, grandfather to Ryan & Dylan Nakada.  For the hungry and the homeless.   For the blessing Nelson Mandela brought to the world.

Prayer of the Day Open my eyes, Lord that I might see You.


Mark Your Calendars!  

Pre-order Spaghetti Dinner – December 6th-16th – See family envelope for information and order form.

Assistant Superintend Sister Jean Williams will visit the campus on December 10th from 10:00am-4:00pm.

Student Council Christmas Boutique– December 10th – 12th

RECYCLE – December 11th in the morning only!  See family envelope for more information.

Tower Theater Field Trip – December 12th Preschool and 1st grade

Student Council Holiday Free DressDecember 18th

Booster Free DressDecember 19th.  The cost of free dress is $2.00 and all the money will benefit the sports programs.

Christmas ProgramDecember 19th.  Pre-School through the first grades’ performance will start at 5:30 pm, and the second through the 8th grades’ performance will begin at 7:00pm.

NOON DISMISSAL – December 20th – PreK and Extension Care Close at 1pm!

Christmas Vacation– December 23rd – January 5th. School will resume on January 6th.


Noon Dismissal- January 6th

Knights of Columbus BasketballJanuary 9th

Acre Testing– January 6th– 17th

Click here to view this week’s Family Envelope.