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October 30, 2012

Dear Parents,   

Today’s letter to you is about math! As a child I was not an “A” student in math, nor did I struggle with math concepts.  My problem was I was not careful enough.  I never bothered to line up my numbers, carefully add and subtract, or check my work.  As a result I was a “B” or “C” student.  I still liked math though and as an educator I recognize the importance of a sound math background for students.  I passionately believe that for students to be successful in math they should enjoy it.  To help make my passion a reality I have purchased an online math program called Mathletics.

The Mathletics program will be used to reinforce the Common Core math standards that are taught in school.  This program is extremely engaging and students enjoy using it.  They will have opportunities to practice math concepts in several ways.  First, there are leveled activities that students will use to practice and challenge themselves.  Second,  students will be able to play math games against the computer or live math games with students all over the world.  Lastly there is a challenge section for the students that find math too easy!

Last week your child’s teacher should have given your student, directions on how to access the Mathletics program at home.  If your child has not shared this information with you please contact his or her classroom teacher.  This week students will practice using Mathletics in the classroom and next week they will be given homework assignments within the Mathletics program.  This program does require internet access.  If you do not have internet at home please call me or your child’s teacher for information on how to proceed.

On a final note…. I have a math fact for you that should make you proud and happy!  The auction grossed $84,754.50 and our net income was… (drum roll please) $70,125.40!  WOW! This is the most we have raised at any fundraiser to date!  Jeff Cardinale is right: “Do your best and let God handle the rest!”  Go in peace and don’t run in the halls.

Deborah J.V. Nettell