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September 2012

September 25, 2012

Dear Parents, Webster’s dictionary describes them as people who offer to do work or help without payment or reward.  My own personal definition would be “see OLV Community”.  I am talking about volunteers and this year we are benefitting from an abundance of volunteer efforts!  I have not seen this many volunteers since the early ‘90’s.  We have had helpers in the office, classrooms

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September 18, 2012

Ahh…I am breathing a sigh of relief! The last four weeks have been very hectic and I am glad to have the days turn to a slower pace. Soon it will be fall and the weather will be cooler. The clocks will turn back and I will spend more time reading in my favorite chair, knitting blankets and sweaters for my future granddaughter and sleeping. The slow pace is also perfect for the important work that lay ahead of us.

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September 11, 2012

I receive messages from God. These messages are usually answers to questions or ideas and most of the time they are manifested in my thoughts during prayer or quiet time. However, as my life becomes more hectic and increasingly overwhelming, it gets harder to hear His advice. I consider myself blessed that God is patient because sometimes He gives the message repeatedly and in different ways and I am just too busy with my life to listen. His latest message took about sixth months before it finally penetrated.

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