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August 28, 2012

Dear Parents,

This weekend my baby sister Kathleen, is getting married and of course the family is very excited! We have been looking forward to and planning the big day for about a year-and-a-half. A few months ago Mary, the family organizer and Kathleen decided that we should provide a pre-wedding party for the bride and groom’s friends and family: about 40 people. This would be fine except everything is being done in another city and in a house no one has seen. This made me grumpy and I did not want to do it! This was too much work! Then I remembered this party is for my sister whom I love very much. It reminded me how we must all feel when we are asked to volunteer at school.

This year our teachers are planning some very exciting field trips that will enrich and enhance our student’s education. To make all our field trips possible we will need chaperones and parents willing to drive to these events. If you are interested in volunteering as a driver you must have the appropriate car insurance, be fingerprinted, safe environment trained and sign a code of conduct. If you would like to be a chaperone you must be fingerprinted, safe environment trained and sign a code of conduct. This sounds like a great deal of trouble but we will help you with the process.

If you have not been fingerprinted yet you may do so at back to school night. The vendors will be set up in Mary’s Grotto and it takes very little time. The finger printing is $50.00 and the vendor will take cash or a check. Please bring proof of your identify such as a driver’s licenses or passport. If you cannot get fingerprinted at Back to School Night you can visit the vendor. Their information is available at the school office. The good news is you only need to be fingerprinted once!

This is a renewal year for Safe Environment, which means everyone who received past training must do so again. There are two ways to get re-trained: you may take a training class at the school. We will have classes on September 25 and September 27 from 6pm to 8pm. I will schedule training in October if needed. You can also complete the training on-line at home. When you have finished the on-line training you must then print out four forms: three certificates of completion in child abuse, bulling and cyber bulling. The fourth is a code of conduct which you must sign. You must then turn in all the forms at the office with a check for $6.00. I hope offering two training options will make it more convenient.

Volunteering is a service and service is an act that comes from the heart. We are all called to serve and without volunteers the school could not survive. We appreciate all your efforts and recognize that each volunteer act is an act of love for our students! Go in peace and don’t run in the halls!

Deborah JV Nettell