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August 20, 2012

Dear Parents,

It was August 7th and I woke up excited to start the day. It would be a busy day with teachers from preschool through 2nd grade training in their new reading program. Although that was my priority for the day, it was the pre-school students that were on my mind. It was vital that I visit the three-year-olds. I quickly finished preparing for the day hoping I would be able to make time for my three-year-old friends. When I finally finished I took a deep breath and walked into the preschool and there they were! On the carpet sat three-year- old Isabella Castillo and Collin Nelson. I looked at their faces and saw their parents and I remembered David Castillo and Erin Woods Nelson dancing, reading and playing in my Kindergarten class 26 years ago! My life is continually changing, but somehow stays the same. With changes in mind we have a few at the school as well.

Study hall will have a new look this year! In order to better help our students, each teacher from first through eighth grade will hold study hall in their classrooms. These special sessions will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday from 3:00pm to 4:00pm. Most of these sessions will be available for all students; however there will be times teachers will work with specific groups of children. You will receive more information about study hall at Back to School Night.

We have three new school board members. Mr. Marc Kempen and Mr. Juan Hernandez are the new school appointed members and Mrs. Kyra Orgill is filling Monsignor Moreton’s appointee position. Many thanks to all three parents; their input on school policies will be greatly appreciated.

If you are a person who loves athletics, consider volunteering for the Athletic Director position. The responsibilities for this position are:

  • attendance at league meetings once a month
  • distributing and collecting uniforms
  • organizing rides for students to athletic events
  • keeping parents, students, coaches and administration current PAL information

If you are interested in helping, please call the school office and ask for me. God bless you in advance!

Have a blessed week! Go in peace and don’t run in the halls.

Deborah JV Nettell