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Our Lady of Victory Catholic School
1626 West Princeton Avenue
Fresno California 93705
phone – 559-229-0205
fax – 559-229-3230
office email – olvoffice@fresnoolv.org

Twitter – @olvrebels

Office Hours
(when school is in session)
Monday through Friday: 7:30am – 3:30pm – call ahead to check office staffing
Office is closed all school holidays, limited summer hours.


2017 – 2018 School Year


Pastor  – Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church

Rev. Jesus Del Angel



Mrs. Deborah Nettell – nettell@fresnoolv.org


Kindergarten – Mrs. Justina Marquez – marquez@fresnoolv.org
1st & 2nd – Mrs. Allison Sutton – sutton@fresnoolv.org
3rd – Mrs. Jordan Faiman – faiman@fresnoolv.org
4th – Ms. Cathy Cash – cash@fresnoolv.org
5th – Miss Debra Cabral – cabral@fresnoolv.org
6th – Ms. Megan Sexton –  sexton@fresnoolv.org
7th – Mrs. Debbie Nettell – nettell@fresnoolv.org
8th – Mrs. Lynn Mason – mason@fresnoolv.org

Aide List

Ms. Susan Luna
Mr. Paul Bartell


Director/Teacher – Ms. Amy Hirata – preschool@fresnoolv.org
Teacher – Ms. Stephanie Wagerer
Teacher – Mr. Paul Bartell
Teacher – Mrs. Treasa Nyiri


Office Manager/Bookkeeper – Mrs. Sara McCraw – fresnoolv2@hotmail.com
Office Assistant – Mrs. Clemencia Cardinale – olvoffice@fresnoolv.org
Activities Coordinator – Mrs. Betty Kempen – kempen@fresnoolv.org

Extension Care

Mrs. Patricia Benavides
Ms. Stephanie Wagerer


Mrs. Bernadette Martin – martin@fresnoolv.org

Athletic Director (parent volunteer)

Mrs. Alison Trukki


Staff- Choir Director
Mr. Tom Nettell – Band Director (volunteer)
Mr. Brad Anderson – Brass Instructor (volunteer)
Mr. Dave Snyder (volunteer)

Scrip (parent volunteer)

Mrs. Betty Kempen


Mr. Rocky Vang
Ms. Maria Durate