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March 17, 2015

This Week’s Family Letter is written by Ms. Hirata, OLV Preschool Director.

This weekend I was lucky enough to take the whole preschool staff to Anaheim to attend the annual LA Religious Education Congress.  We drove up after work on Thursday evening and attended classes all day Friday and Saturday; Mrs. Nettell and Mrs. Cardinale also attended Congress and we all enjoyed a lunch on Friday filled with laughs.  Sharing this experience with my co-workers was uplifting and grounding.  Although I’ve attended LA Congress several times before, this experience felt a bit more special.  We had a feeling of team bonding throughout our trip and it has most definitely grown us closer together as a “work family”.

Despite our exhaustion from traveling, we woke up early Friday morning and attended the opening ceremony to kick off our weekend.  The theme at Congress this year was “See – Ver.”  This spectacular showcase of spiritual harmonies, dances, songs, and reflections from around the world speaks to you in a way that is so humbling that it can only be the presence of the Holy Spirit coming down upon you – it’s truly amazing!  After the opening ceremony was over, we felt ready to go forth with eyes wide open and our hearts and ears ready to listen for God’s message to us.  Throughout the weekend I found myself looking for “signs” everywhere so I could affirm what was being asked of us while we attended Congress – “See – Ver.”

I’m reminded of a scripture passage presented during the opening ceremony.  It said, “I went, washed, and was able to see.”   This statement was written and presented in several languages and it truly exemplified the meaning behind the theme “See – Ver.”

I invite you to take time this week to “See.”  Look for signs from God that remind us that Holy Spirit is present.  Practice a random act of kindness and you may be surprised how it makes you and others feel.  If everyone did one small act kindness every day imagine what the world would look like!                

God bless,

Amy Hirata


Faith Corner

St. Patrick – St. Patrick preached and converted all of Ireland for 40 years. He worked many miracles and wrote of his love for God in Confessions. After years of living in poverty, traveling and enduring much suffering he died March 17, 461. He died at Saul, where he had built the first church.

Pray For– Charlie DeGrange; the Manriquez family as they grieve the loss of their aunt; Phillip Garcia’s great-grandmother; and those suffering from allergies and illness.

Thank youto Ms. Perez for coordinating our Peach Blossom group and Mrs Sutton, Ms. Cash and Mrs. Wukits for working with their students to prepare; Mrs Trukki for coordinating all the track students at the PAL Track Meet this past weekend- our students did well!

Prayer–  Dear Lord, please help me to carry on with strength on this day that You have given me.


Mark Your Calendars!

 2015-2016 FINANCIAL AID APPLICATION DUE APRIL 15, 2015. See attached flyer or stop by OLV Office for more information.


Peach Blossom REPEAT– Wednesday, March 18th, after morning prayer in Mary’s Grotto – Peach Blossom students will perform for school.

OLV School Soup Kitchen/Living Stations – Friday, March 20th 6pm Soup/ 7pm Living Stations.

Mass of Healing– March 25th @ 10:30am This Mass is for anyone who is elderly or ill.  A soup and sandwich lunch will be provided after Mass.

Spring Pictures  – Thursday March 26th starting at 8:30am

NO SCHOOL Golf Tournament- March 27th at Fig Garden Golf

Car Raffle Sales at St. Therese Parish- Sunday March 29th.  Please call the office to reserve your spot!

Penny War – Tuesday, March 31st

NOON DISMISSAL- HOLY THURSDAY – Thursday, April 2nd – Living Stations at 9am – EXT Care / Pre K close @ 1pm.

EASTER VACATION   – Good Friday, April 3 until Monday, April 13th.  School Resumes TUESDAY, April 14th

Have a blessed Easter Vacation!

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