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February 26, 2013

A few weeks ago I asked parents to participate in a Catholic Identify survey; however it has been so very hectic I have not explained exactly what the survey is.

Every Catholic school is required to provide authentic Catholic teaching, opportunities for community worship and participation in the sacraments and promote evangelization and service to the community.  This is done through eight Catholic Identity Standards.  Every year schools are required to evaluate its performance on one or two of those standards. This year we are evaluating standards one and five. They are:

  • The School has a mission statement and philosophy statement which indicate the integration of the Roman Catholic Faith into all aspects of school like.
  • The school maintains an active partnership with parents whose fundamental concern is the spiritual and academic education of their children.

To evaluate how well we are serving the community we have to follow a specific evaluation process.  Part of the process requires parents, parishioners and alumni families to complete an on- line survey.  Once the survey is complete, the faculty will analyze the data and create new goals that will improve our school’s Catholic Identity.

To this date only 16 people have responded from a community of several hundred.  I understand that everyone is extremely busy but I cannot complete my report until I have your input!  As an incentive to participate, for every 30 responses to the survey I will award the student body one day of free dress! You can do it! Go Rebels!

On a final note… Monsignor Moreton has been diagnosed with pneumonia.  Monsignor is the heart of our school and he offers our staff enormous support.  Please pray for a quick and complete recovery.


Deborah J.V. Nettell


Faith Corner 

St. Alexander of Alexandria (250-328)  St. Alexander played an important role in the growth of the catechetical school at Alexandria.  When he was made bishop, he continued in his efforts to educate the faithful in the faith.

Lenten RemindersPlease join us for the Living Stations on Friday March 1, 7:00pm at Our Lady of Victory Church.  Participation in the Stations of the Cross gives us the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of Jesus as He journeys to Calvary.

Pray For –Monsignor Moreton for a speedy recovery; Families grieving for loved ones who have passed away, especially the Chavez, Patton and Ramirez families; Donna Durham as she recovers from surgery; and for the DeMera family; the OLV Academic Decathlon team as they travel to their competition in Bakersfield.



Mark Your Calendars!  

Preschool and Kindergarten Field Trip- March 1st  @ Saroyan Theater

Living Stations- March 1st.  Students should arrive at OLV Church by 6:30pm. Parent Club will be hosting the Lenten Meal at the church hall from 5:00pm to 6:00pm.

Academic Decathlon– March 2nd  @ Garces H.S.in Bakersfield. Go Rebels!

Noon Dismissal- Monday March 4th

Lunch and a Show- March 6.  Students may bring a special guest for lunch and then watch the talent show.  Students may bring a parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle or special family friend.  Guests must be registered in the office and if they are under 18 they must be accompanied by an adult.  Please let your teacher know if you are planning to have a special guest visit.  Each student and their guest will need to bring a lunch or you may make arrangements with the Hot Lunch Ladies and pre order lunch from them!

School Sponsored Mass- March 10 @ 12:00pm Mass.  Students who sing in the choir should wear their formal uniforms and arrive at church by 11:30am

No School- March 22. (Going golfing!)

5th Annual Our Lady of Victory Golf Tournament- March 22. For more information please call the school office.