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February 20, 2013

Spring is just around the corner and so is baseball spring training.  Last year Father Michael Burchfield gave a homily about Lent using the analogy of baseball spring training.  His advice to us on that Sunday was to think of Lent as Lenten Spring training where we can get in shape spiritually and be ready to do Jesus’ work.  If our spiritual muscles are strong it will prepare us for the rest of the year.   Father went on to say that we can view temptation as an opportunity to practice self discipline.  Father’s homily continues to inspire me!

While we are getting our spiritual muscles in shape, we must not forget to prepare our golf swing for March 22.  We have great events at OLV but the golf tournament puts the fun in fundraiser.  It is a day to enjoy God’s creation both in nature and human kind.  It is also a day to relax and forgot about the daily stresses we are all under.  Normally I would not brag, however Elisha Nikada, Betty Kempen, Rebekah Wukits, and myself won last place at the 2012 golf tournament.  We have been working hard not practicing in order to win that special place again.  Some of you may laugh at this, but there are more golfers trying to lose than to win!

Finally, a few reminders… Many students are coming to school without the proper uniform.  There are two major offenses.  Some students are still wearing sweatshirts that are not part of the OLV uniform.  If students come to school wearing non uniform sweatshirts they will not be allowed to wear them, even if it is cold.  The second major offense is hair length for the boys.  Boys’ hair should no longer then than the hairline on their necks.  In order to help our students work their memory muscles, I will be sending home referral slips for students who are not complying with our dress code.

I will end announcing the final total from the OLV Crab Feed.  This event earned $38,304.00.  Thank you to all who participated, organized, purchased or donated! Go in peace and don’t run in the halls!


Deborah J.V. Nettell


Faith Corner 

St. Polycarp (-155)  St. Polycarp is an important figure in the history of the Church because he is one of the earliest Christians whose writings still survive.  He bears witness to the beliefs of the early Christians and the early stages of the developments of doctrine.

Lenten Remindersduring Lent we are required to fast and abstain.  All Catholics 14 years and older should fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.  Also, we should abstain from meet on all Fridays during Lent and on Ash Wednesday.

Thank you toStudent Council wishes to thank all of you for participating in the hot chocolate sale.  With your help they raised $74.00!

Pray For – Donna Durham as she recovers from surgery.  The Sacred Heart School Community as they grieve the loss of their school.



Mark Your Calendars!  

Don’t forget to participate in the Catholic Identify survey!  Your input is valuable!  Free dress for students! https://survey.insightify.com/557-de5-f0b-a4b

Principal’s Lunch– February 21@12:00 in the teacher’s lounge.  This lunch is for the students who earned A’s in every subject. Go Rebels!

Kindergarten Orientation– February 21@ 6pm in the Kindergarten classroom.

Academic Decathlon Lunch- February 22 – proceeds from lunch will help fund Academic Decathlon expenses.

Third Grade First Reconciliation- February 23 at 9:00am at Our Lady of Victory Church.

Living Stations- March 1st.  Students should arrive at OLV Church by 6:30pm. Parent Club will be hosting the Lenten Meal at the church hall from 5:00pm to 6:00pm.

Academic Decathlon– March 2@ Garces HS in Bakersfield.

Noon Dismissal-  Monday March 4

Bring a friend to lunch & show – Wednesday, March 6

School Sponsored Mass- Sunday March 10 @ 12:00pm Mass.  Students who sing in the choir should wear their formal uniforms and arrive at church by 11:30am

No School- Friday, March 22. (Going golfing!)

5th Annual Our Lady of Victory Golf Tournament- Friday,March 22. For more information please call the school office or click here: 5th Annual Rebel Golf Tournament