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February 12, 2013

All hail to the tuna fish sandwich!  It is that time of year again…MEATLESS FRIDAYS! I have shared with you before my love for tuna sandwiches.  Back in the old days…1959, Catholics did not eat meat on any Friday.  During that time my Mother would pack a tuna fish sandwich, a Hostess Snowball cupcake (the pink variety), chips and milk for lunch. Yum! I never tired of those sandwiches and grew to love tuna, the only fish I like.  To this day, on Fridays, I have to eat a tuna sandwich. My mother stopped making my lunches sometime ago so now I get my tuna fix at the local 7 Eleven Store!

During the season of Lent, all Catholics 14 years and older, must practice abstinence and fasting.  During Lent we abstain from eating meat on Fridays and Ash Wednesday.  Even though most of our school children are not required to abstain from eating meat, I encourage you to begin practicing and developing this important Tradition with your children as soon as possible.

We also fast during the season of Lent.  Fasting, according to the Church, is eating one full meal and splitting a second meal for that day.  For example, I would eat half my tuna sandwich for breakfast and the other half for lunch; eliminate the Snowball and chips and go without snacks or treats in-between meals.   Then I would have a simple dinner that night and make my portions small.  We are called to reflect on the hunger and discomfort fasting causes and to remember how painful Jesus’ sacrifice for us was. We are required to fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.

On a final note…Don’t forget how yummy tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches are!  They are my Lenten comfort food! If you have a special Lenten recipe that you would like to share with all of us, send it to the office. Better yet make a sample for us to eat!  Go in peace and eat a tuna sandwich!


Deborah J.V. Nettell


Faith Corner 

Our Lady of Lourdes

In 1858 the Immaculate Virgin Mary appeared to Bernadette Soubirous, near Lourdes in France. Through St. Bernadette, age 14, Mother Mary called on sinners to change their lives, and inspires us to pray and serve the poor.

Lenten Remindersduring Lent we are required to fast and abstain.  All Catholics 14 years and older should fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.  Also, we should abstain from meet on all Fridays during Lent and on Ash Wednesday.

Thank  you toTom Nettell, Brad Anderson, and Sheilgh Luna for the wonderful music instructions they are giving our band students.  Special thanks to Patrick’s Music for helping us with instruments and materials.

Pray For – Donna Durham as she recovers from surgery.  The Sacred Heart School Community as they grieve the loss of their school. Quick recovery for Kyra Orgill.



Mark Your Calendars!  

Don’t forget to participate in the Catholic Identify survey!  Your input is valuable!  Free dress for students! https://survey.insightify.com/557-de5-f0b-a4b

Parent Club Meeting– February 12 @ 6pm OLV School Office

Ash Wednesday- February 13.  Students must wear formal uniforms on this day.

Ash Wednesday & Friday February 15- Abstain from meat.

Valentine Day’s Parties- February 14 at 2:15pm

No School- February 18

Kindergarten Orientation– February 21@ 6pm in the Kindergarten classroom

Academic Decathlon Lunch- February 22 – proceeds from lunch will help fund Academic Decathlon expenses.

Third Grade First Reconciliation- February 23 at 9:00am at Our Lady of Victory Church.

Living Stations- March 1st.  Students should arrive at OLV Church by 6:30pm. Parent Club will be hosting the Lenten Meal at the church hall from 5:00pm to 6:00pm.

Noon Dismissal- March 4th

No School- March 24. (Going golfing!)

5th Annual Our Lady of Victory Golf Tournament- March 24. For more information please call the school office.