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February 5, 2013

Early last week, as I was working at my desk, I looked up and noticed the handprint marks all over my office door. I hate handprints. They are little, but they can change the look of things. When I see them at school or my home, they are reminders of what I don’t do. They are greasy, dirty leftovers from my hands that should be washed off! As much as I dislike fingerprints I recently had a conversion of sorts regarding them.

When the grotto stage was built, the children in preschool through the eighth grades left their hand prints in the wet cement. It is a wonderful reminder of a mile stone accomplishment. Last week during Morning Prayer one of the current preschoolers reached down to place his hand in one of those prints. This simple action gave me some profound insight on handprints. It was as though the preschooler was reaching for those prints, wanting to one day fill it with his hand. I thought he was reaching for his future, grapping the possibilities available to him. I realized then that handprints leave behind much more than a physical reminder.

Teachers use handprints in their art activities creating items like Christmas trees, turkeys, birds, butterflies and rainbows. Catholic education leaves a print that will last a lifetime. Marks of faith, discipline, morals, academics and values are left from it. Baptism of course, leaves a permanent handprint on us,reminding us that we are called to serve and love others as Jesus did! ❤

Some final bits of information…as promised, I will send you all information concerning our security updates. Look for this in a separate email. We also need parents to complete the following survey: https://survey.insightify.com/557-de5-f0b-a4b If we can get 25% of our families to participate in the survey, the students will be rewarded with one day of free dress. For 50% participation students will be rewarded two days of free dress. For three days of free dress we will need 75% of our families to participate. If we get 100% participation students will enjoy four days of free dress!

These past few days have been extremely busy, filled with many campus tours for the families of the Sacred Heart School Community. As we transition these families to our campus please pray that we will continue to recognize the special handprint left by Sacred Heart School and that they will allow our hand print to embrace them. Sharing their grief and aiding in their healing.

Go in peace and don’t run in the halls!

Deborah J.V. Nettell


Faith Corner

St. Mel (488) St. Mel came to Ireland with Satin Patrick, his uncle, with whom he worked until he was ordained.  He is one of the earliest Irish saints.

Thank  you toThe families that hosted the Sacred Heart meet and greet last Friday night.  Those families were the Speirs, Hambalek, Garcia, Villa, Cardinale, and Martin’s.  Many thanks to the parent club board the wonderful hospitality given for Sunday’s open house. SJM for the use of their music stands, base drum, and xylophone.

Pray For – Donna Durham as she recovers from surgery.  The Sacred Heart School Community as they grieve the loss of their school.


Mark Your Calendars!

Student Council Hot Chocolate Sale- February 7 at morning recesses.

Carnival Planning Meeting– February 7 @ 6pm OLV School Office

Academic Decathlon Lunch- February 8 – proceeds from lunch will help fund Academic Decathlon expenses.

School Mass- February 10. The school will host the Noon Mass at Our Lady of Victory Church.  Choir students should wear formals uniforms and meet at the church by 11:30am.

2:00 Dismissal– February 11, 2013

Financial Assistance Informational Meeting-  February 11 @ 5pm in the 6th grade classroom.

Ash Wednesday- February 13.  Students must wear formal uniforms on this day.

Valentine Day’s Parties- February 14 at 2:15pm

No School- February 18

Academic Decathlon Lunch- February 22 – proceeds from lunch will help fund Academic Decathlon expenses.

Third Grade First Reconciliation- February 23 at 9:00am at Our Lady of Victory Church.