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September 25, 2012

Dear Parents,

Webster’s dictionary describes them as people who offer to do work or help without payment or reward.  My own personal definition would be “see OLV Community”.  I am talking about volunteers and this year we are benefitting from an abundance of volunteer efforts!  I have not seen this many volunteers since the early ‘90’s.  We have had helpers in the office, classrooms and lunchroom. We’ve had equipment repaired and maintenance done on the campus.  We even have four brave volunteers who help out with lunch time yard duty!  The following paragraphs will highlight just a few of our volunteers.

Some of our volunteers do not have children attending our school any more. For example, last week on Wednesday morning just before lunch recess I heard a familiar voice saying, “I am here to do yard duty.”  I peeked out of my door to see Mrs. Kennedy!  Mrs. Kennedy taught at Our Lady of Victory School for 24 years and retired just a few months ago.  She has committed to work a few hours a week doing yard duty and helping in the classroom!  Thank you Mrs. Kennedy and welcome back!

Steve Bethke’s youngest child left Our Lady of Victory School eight years ago.  Back to School night was his 31st year of working in the book fair!  Eileen Giel’s children graduated in the late ‘80’s.  She comes once a week to help out in the library. She also makes delicious baked treats and meals for the staff!

Mr. Rodger Lucido’s grandchildren left our school three years ago, but he still volunteers in our pre algebra class twice a week. Janet Rodriquez started volunteering in the classrooms last year and will continue working in first grade twice a week. Although she did not have a student connection, she comes because she loves our children and school.  Remember these are just a few people who volunteer for us.  We are truly blessed by their presence!

Our auction is just a few weeks away and guess what?  We need some volunteers!   To make our auction successful we need an army of volunteers.  You will be receiving a phone call soon from a member of the parent club board, asking for your help at the auction.   There will be a variety of volunteer opportunities for you to take advantage of so please do.

Included in this packet is a flyer announcing the Silent Auction Class Competition.  This activity is fun for our students and very beneficial to the school.  Do your best and let God handle the rest.  Go in peace and don’t run in the halls!

Deborah J.V. Nettell