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September 18, 2012

Dear Parents,

Ahh…I am breathing a sigh of relief! The last four weeks have been very hectic and I am glad to have the days turn to a slower pace. Soon it will be fall and the weather will be cooler. The clocks will turn back and I will spend more time reading in my favorite chair, knitting blankets and sweaters for my future granddaughter and sleeping. The slow pace is also perfect for the important work that lay ahead of us.

The students in second through eighth grade will be participating in standardize testing over the next couple of weeks. These tests give us useful information about your student. Once the test results are in, our teachers will use this information to create instructional goals for individual students and for the class. The goals and information will also be used to aid in tracking the progress and growth of students throughout their years at Our Lady of Victory School. This information will also help determine weakness and strengths in our curriculum. I am now in the process of setting up interim testing. If I am successful, we will have information several times a year that will tell us how our students are progressing in math and language.

Fine Arts begins today! This year our program will run differently. Students will have several units with their classroom teacher and the remaining units will be elective with the students rotating to different teachers. Fine Arts will continue to be a graded subject and the first unit will be held with the classroom teacher. Of course music classes will also begin this year. If you are interested in your child taking drums, guitar or violin lessons please fill out the music forms and turn them into the office. If your child is a returning music student it is important that you let us know you’ll be joining music again. You will find copies of the music forms in this mailing. Soon you can expect to receive information about our future pep band!

On a final note… Back to School Night was the best one I’ve attended in 27 years! The speakers were wonderful and the enthusiasm from all of you was contagious. I believe that this will be a record year for our fundraisers and volunteers! Do your best and let God handle the rest! Go in peace and don’t run in the halls.

Deborah J.V. Nettell