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September 11, 2012

Dear Parents,

I receive messages from God. These messages are usually answers to questions or ideas and most of the time they are manifested in my thoughts during prayer or quiet time. However, as my life becomes more hectic and increasingly overwhelming, it gets harder to hear His advice. I consider myself blessed that God is patient because sometimes He gives the message repeatedly and in different ways and I am just too busy with my life to listen. His latest message took about sixth months before it finally penetrated. God must have thought the time for being subtle was over because he used different method of delivery. This time God reached me through the words of others. It was the same message repeated by different people in my life and it was simple. God shared that there are no real problems only challenges. These challenges provide opportunities for growth and change, and the growth and change become inspiration! Wow! This applies to many parts of my life, especially my school life.

This Thursday evening at Back to School Night you will hear Monsignor Moreton share the challenges that our school faces. Then our school board president, Frank Hambleck, and the parent club president, Patrick Spiers, will inform us how these challenges have been transformed into opportunities for all of us. Next, Jeff Cardinale will describe how these opportunities have become inspiration. Back to School Night is always very important; however this one will give you a true understanding of how a Catholic school education can work! Of course you will also meet with your student’s teacher and she also will have information for the year. She will present information on classroom instruction, School Speak, field trips and much more.

Our new lunch program provider, The Lunch Ladies, is off to a wonderful start. They are a perfect example of opportunity becoming inspiration. Our students have experienced wonderful entrees such as baked chicken, lasagna, and chicken teriyaki. Please remember that the lunch program runs Tuesday through Thursday only!

On a final note… a few words about Joan Herman. Joan ran our school lunch program for 15 years. She fed and cared for our children like they were her own. No amount of thanks or praise could possibly be enough for all the blessings she and her family have given to our school. I wish Joan the best of luck at her new job and we here at Our Lady of Victory School will keep her in our prayers. Go in peace and don’t run in the halls!

Deborah J.V. Nettell